Jenn Alexander

Designer | Artist | Thinker

I’ve participated in the evolution of the development of the internet through my design and online creative work.

In my digital work, I’ve had the good fortune of working with some good people and companies, from entertainment networks, technology companies and financial institutions to small businesses, local restaurants and non-profits. We worked together to find a way to communicate through the design experience what they needed to express to achieve their business goals.

Having worked on a lot of projects, it is always hard to choose what to show and what to leave out. What you will find here is a curated selection.

As a regular practicing meditator I bring an open mind to everything I do. I  listen and learn from all the people I have the opportunity to meet, know,  collaborate with. The best things  can come from working with others and seeing their points of view.

Good design is about effective communication and creating intuitive experiences that help people do what they are looking to accomplish in the simplest most easy to understand way.

It has been said that nature is the best designer and I find inspiration all around me.

To explore my artwork go to: